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Angel Africa is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to build the largest network of business and professional leaders dedicated to promoting economic growth in Africa by leveraging our collective talent to encourage entrepreneurship and private sector development and initiatives.

A group of African professionals who work across multiple sectors, industries and geographies; network with various professionals and leaders who are passionate about Africa; want to develop an in-depth knowledge of the issues that impact Africa; and create initiatives and programs to demonstrate the importance of the private sector for improving living conditions on the continent.

To create a platform within our network to encourage and assist entrepreneurs and small & mid-size enterprises (SMEs) in Africa. This platform is important because we know that a thriving economy is dependent on a collection of profitable private businesses that create jobs, provide necessary goods and services and accelerate sustainable economic development.

African News Websites

www.africa.com www.jeuneafrique.com www.africagoodnews www.allafrica.com


To learn more about the EARN program and how it can help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, please review this document.